Modifications to the procedure for an approval of movement by way of exception

Modifications to the procedure for an approval of movement by way of exception
The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy announces the following modifications with regard to the procedure for obtaining an approval for movement by way of exception for serving needs which cannot be covered in alternative ways.
Procedure for an Approval of Movement of citizens by way of exception:
• For all movements by way of exception, each confirmation of movement refers to just one particular movement.
• Each citizen is allowed movement by way of exception only once a day.
• With regard to the procedure of requesting approval for movement by way of exception:

  1. Persons under the age of 65 can request approval only by sending a text message (SMS) to 8998, written in the correct format.
  2. Persons over the age of 65 (and only them) have three (3) options to request approval for movement by way of exception:
    • • By sending an SMS to the number 8998. • By filling out and printing Form B. • By carrying a hand-written Citizens’ Solemn Declaration. • During each movement, citizens must have with them, in order to show it in the event of a check, the filled-out form for the confirmation of movement (print out or handwritten) or the confirmation SMS that they have received, as well as identification proof as follows:
  3. Cyprus citizens: Cyprus ID card 2. European citizens and third country nationals: registration confirmation or residence permit respectively. For those who justifiably do not have the above documents a registration, then, by way of exception, another identification document will be accepted, e.g. international passport, international ID card, diplomatic passport. • It is stressed that, according to the provisions of the decree dated 30/03/2020, any movement of persons from 9.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m. is prohibited, except for those citizens holding a Confirmation of Movement of Employee (Form A) and provided that the form allows them to be moving within that timeframe.
    Instructions for sending a text message (sms)
    • The form of the sms has been modified as follows:
    • X space Identification proof number space postal code of residence
    • Χ stands for the purpose of movement, i.e. the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 which correspond to the reasons for movement.
    • Identification proof number for:
    • Cypriot citizens: Cyprus ID card number.
    • European citizens and third country nationals: the ALIEN REGISTRATION NUMBER (ARC) which is stated on the registration confirmation or residence permit.
    • European citizens and third country nationals without an ARC: the number of another acceptable identification proof (international passport or international ID card number, diplomatic passport number).
    With regard to the number of identification proof, note that the system can accept numbers, up to three letters and 10 characters in total (numbers and letters).
    • There are three possible answers that a text message (SMS) can receive: approval, rejection because of a mistake in the format or a warning that the maximum limit of movements permitted daily has been exceeded.
    • Citizens sending SMS and receive an approval have the right to move during a reasonable time frame according to the reason the approval has been requested.
    • It is reminded that sending an sms to 8998 is free of charge.

For more information with regard to the procedure of requesting approval for movement and instructions with regard to sending a text message (SMS) you are advised to consult the following link:

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