Professional Accountancy with concentrations of Accountancy and Finance (4 years, Bachelor of Arts)

Professional Accountancy (4 years, 240 ECTS, Bachelor of Arts) with concentrations:

    • Accountancy
    • Finance


Programme’s purpose and objectives

The programme aims at providing education and training in the functional disciplines of accounting and finance at honours degree level.

In formulating the programme, consideration was given to the possibility of earning exemptions from British Professional Chartered Accountancy Bodies, given that accountancy qualifications are primarily designed to help the business community meet its obligations for keeping accurate accounting records and for taking sound financial decisions. The programme took cognizance of the fact that academic courses offered at the College should prepare students to meet the practical needs of industry and the profession.

The aims of the programme are to:

  1. Provide quality education at a first degree level in accounting, finance, and the related disciplines;
  2. Provide an opportunity to obtain knowledge and expertise in accountancy and finance which will underwrite a student’s professional progress;
  3. Provide opportunities for continual improvement of teaching, research, and service skills.
  4. Develop an understanding of the concepts and analytical skills to study, report, and analyze business activities effectively;
  5. Develop a capacity for clear thought, critical appraisal, and sound judgement in evaluating Accounting situations and problems.
  6. Develop the ability to conceptualise problems, reasons critically and evaluate argument and evidence.
  7. Offer a curriculum that maps to the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) academic benchmarks and yet satisfies the accreditation requirements of the ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, AIA, the CPA, Australia and the CPA, Ireland, for examination and exemption purposes.


Intended learning outcomes in accordance with the European qualifications framework

On completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  • Prepare and analyse financial and management accounts, statements and reports, and give appropriate advice;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the constraints on accountants and managers imposed by economics and legal factors;
  • Prepare tax computations and give advice on personal and corporate tax issues;
  • Apply financial management theory and techniques and give appropriate advice on financing, investment and distribution;
  • Communicate and apply knowledge and understanding of the principles of business information systems management at an appropriate level;
  • Apply the principles of internal and external auditing in relation to financial review, control, accountability, and assurance.

The blend of specific accounting and finance modules with a wider understanding of business gives the graduates both a strong foundation in the subjects and an application of how accounting and finance are applied in real – worth business situations.

Graduates with accounting and finance skills are in constant demand around the world, with graduates going to enjoy in a wide range of companies from the Professional Accountancy firms to large multinational operations.

With a high level of professional exemptions from the accredited British Accountancy Bodies, ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, AIA, the CPA, Australia and the CPA, Ireland, this challenging course will help holders of the BA (Hons) degree to become qualified accountants, start work on a finance-related career or to proceed for higher degrees / research.


Programme’s language of instruction:

English is the language of instruction


Academic Staff

The Philips academics are well-qualified and bring with them academic and business experience.

The College staff body is currently composed of the following:

  1. Poutos Evangelos, BA, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor of Accounting & Economics, Coordinator
  1. Andreou Christos, BSc, MSc, PhD, Lecturer in Quantitative Analysis,  Deputy Coordinator
  1. Pipyros Kosmas, BA (Law), MSc, PhD, Assistant Professor in Law and IT
  1. Eriotou Eleftheria, BA, MA, PhD (cand.), Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
  1. Kazandjian Avo, BA, MBA, Lecturer in Business Administration
  1. Constantinou Soteris, BSc, MSc, Lecturer in Information Technology
  1. Karletides Demetrios, BA, MA, PhD (cand.), Lecturer in Management Studies
  1. Constantinou Despina, BA, MA, Lecturer in English Language


List of Compulsory and Elective Courses

BA Professional Accountancy

Year 1

Semester 1 ECTS (25)
Core Subjects
ACF-110 Accounting and Finance I 5
BSM-110 Economics I 5
BSM-112 Business Law I 5
CST-115 Quant. Methods for Acc. & Finance I 5
CST-110 Computer Systems and Internet Technology 5
Electives: 1 from (5)
PRL-235 Language Skills in Practice I 5
PSY-112 Introduction to Social Psychology 5
Semester 2
Core Subjects (25)
ACF-120 Accounting and Finance II 5
BSM-111 Theory and Practice of Management I 5
BSM-120 Economics II 5
BSM-122 Business Law II 5
CST-125 Quant. Methods for Acc. & Finance 5
Electives: 1 from (5)
PRL-245 Language Skills in Practice II 5
CST-126 Fundamentals for Technological Changes 5

Year 2

Semester 3 ECTS
Core Subjects (25)
ACF-211 Financial Accounting I 5
ACF-215 Company Law I 5
ACF-314 Management Accounting I 5
ACF-315 Corporate Finance I 5
CST-124 Accounting Information Systems 5
Electives: 1 from (5)
BSM-121 Theory and Practice of Management II 5
BSM-210 Managerial Economics I 5
Semester 4
Core Subjects (25)
ACF-221 Financial Accounting II 5
ACF-225 Company Law II 5
ACF-324 Management Accounting II 5
CST-127 Data Visualization 5
ACF-325 Corporate Finance II 5
Electives: 1 from (5)
BSM-220 Managerial Economics II 5
BIM-230 Organizational Behaviour 5

Year 3

Semester 5 ECTS
Core Subjects (20)
ACF-313 Advanced Financial Accounting I 5
ACF-319 Ethics in Accounting and Finance 5
ACF-330 Financial Institutions and Instruments 5
PRL-352 Research Methods 5
(i) The Professional Accountancy Stream
Electives Either:
ACF-345 The Accountancy Internship I 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-336 Auditing I 5
ACF-337 Taxation I 5
(ii) The Finance Stream
Electives Either:
ACF-355 The Finance Internship I 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-331 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance 5
BSM-410 The Dynamics of Cyprus Economy 5
Semester 6
Core Subjects (20)
ACF-323 Advanced Financial Accounting I 5
ACF-329 Corporate Governance 5
ACF-432 Data Analytics 5
ACF-433 Sustainability Accounting and Integrated Reporting 5
(i) The Professional Accountancy Stream
Electives Either:
ACF-365 The Accountancy Internship II 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-346 Auditing II 5
ACF-347 Taxation II 5
(ii) The Finance Stream
Electives Either:
ACF-375 The Finance Internship II 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
CIS-232 Operations Research 5
PSY-227 Work and Organisational Psychology 5

Year 4

Semester 7 ECTS
Core Subjects (20)
ACF-415 International Finance 5
ACF-434 Advanced Management Accounting 5
ACF-436 Risk Management in Financial Services 5
ACF-439 Company Financial Reporting 5
(i) The Professional Accountancy Stream (10)
Electives Either:
ACF-450 Accountancy Dissertation I 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-442 Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance 5
CST-333 Management Science 5
(ii) The Finance Stream (10)
Electives Either:
ACF-460 Finance Dissertation I 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-442 Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance 5
PSY-421 Work Psychology and Career Success 5
Semester 8
Core Subjects (20)
ACF-435 Security Investment Analysis 5
ACF-437 Advanced Corporate Finance 5
ACF-448 International Accounting 5
CST-422 Advanced Information Systems 5
(i) The Professional Accountancy Stream (10)
Electives Either:
ACF-451 Accountancy Dissertation II 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-447 Environmental Risk Management 5
ACF-449 Forensic Accounting 5
(ii) The Finance Stream (10)
Electives Either:
ACF-461 Finance Dissertation II 10
Or The following TWO: (10)
ACF-425 Financial Derivatives 5
ACF-447 Environmental Risk Management 5
Course Information
  • Credit:240 ECTS
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