Information Technology

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology.

A four-year (or an eight-semester) full-time course of study leading to the award of the BSc degree in Information Technology with specialisation in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Business Applications


The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the critical aspects which impact on the subject of computing and to develop computer scientists who can excel in their field.

The Information Technology degree aims to prepare graduates for employment in those industries which require: a sound understanding of modern software design, programming skills, and a working knowledge of advanced computer systems design (including design of integrated circuits), real time computer systems and microprocessor-based system design.

In addition, students are provided with an understanding of artificial intelligence, which includes the construction of knowledge-based systems and expert systems, as this is one of the most intellectually challenging and rapidly developing branches of Information Technology.

The course is designed to teach students modern techniques using modern technology, and to develop their intellectual capacity to adapt to the rapid developments which they will certainly encounter as their careers progress.

Purpose of the Computing and Information Systems Department

The Computing and Information Systems Department aims to provide students with:

  • the opportunity to gain capabilities which will enable them to enact effective roles as computer professionals in business, industry and the professions.
  • the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of current methods and practices relating to the application of computers.
  • the opportunity to gain an understanding of relevant organisational, managerial and other business issues to enable them to understand the contribution of computers in business.
  • a programme of quality, blending successfully computer-based information systems and business practices.
  • an understanding of the management of Information Technology systems and projects, and related business and financial systems.
  • an appreciation of the social, legal and ethical effects of the application of Information Technology.
  • enterprising qualities, self-confidence, self-motivation and a professional approach to work, colleagues and clients.
  • the ability to work effectively as individuals and as a members of a team.
  • eligibility for membership to professional bodies.

The main streams of the BSc (Hons) Degree in Information Technology

The course has been prepared with the UNESCO definition of Information Technology (IT) in mind:

«The scientific, technological and engineering disciplines and the management of techniques used in information handling and processing; their applications; computers and their interaction with people and machines, and associated social, economic and cultural matters».

The department accepts the above as a sufficient working definition of IT. The department strives to prepare students to meet the continuing technological advances in hardware and software, the increasing need for new IT applications in business, industry and commerce, and the growing interest in designing computer systems able to engage in “natural” discourse with human beings, all of which flow from the above definition. In addition to the general course in Information Technology, the proposed course of study covers two major streams which provide:

Wider job opportunities.

Flexibility of choice.

The proposed Streams are:

  • Software Development
  • Business Applications


Software Development

The software crisis has been well publicised and the need to apply scientific, engineering and mathematical disciplines to the production of quality software has long been recognised. A course in Software Development aims at teaching the theory and application of these disciplines within a suitable academic framework.

Graduates should be able to make a contribution to the specific tasks of:

  • applying appropriate methodologies to determine the users’ information requirements and to the design of systems in an uncertain environment;
  • developing software using formal and accepted specification and design methods;
  • specifying the detailed design of software systems.


Business Applications

This course has been designed in response to an urgent need arising from the widespread adoption of IT in business organisations. The course seeks to produce graduates with the needed skills to enhance an organisation’s use of the many different types of technology currently available, including:

  • promoting the adoption and expansion of the use of IT in all functional areas of business;
  • assisting in the implementation and management of information technology-based systems in real business environments in order to support the day-to-day operations in a manner consistent with the objectives of the organisation;
  • evaluating potential applications of new software and hardware as these evolve;
  • formulating business policy;
  • assisting managers at all levels within the organisation in making business decisions.

The course is specially designed for students who wish to combine the “core area” of Computing with studies in another complementary discipline and wish to take subjects from the other major disciplines of: Accounting & Finance, Business and Management Studies, Public Relations, or Social Studies.

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